Laser Dentistry

Laser Dentistry is a non-surgical, highly effective method of performing many dental procedures. Most people don’t know they are affected, but about half of the population suffers from moderate gingivitis to severe gum disease. Unfortunately, many people think gum disease treatment is a painful procedure with a long recovery period. Laser Gum Treatment is a painless procedure for treatment of Gum disease. It reduces need for local anesthesia; minimal bleeding of gums, controlled swelling, less postoperative discomfort and faster recovery time
Lasers can also be used for:

    Frenum release/Frenectomy
    Crown Lengthening
    Sulcular debridement
    Flap surgery
    Apthous Ulcers (incision & excision)
    Incision of infection when used with antibiotic therapy.

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