Regular dental exams are essential for maintaining optimal oral health and a beautiful smile. At Hills Park Dental, we prioritize a proactive approach to dental care, ensuring that you and your family can prevent oral health problems before they become major issues. Our experienced dentists and team offer a comprehensive range of preventive services, including thorough examinations, professional teeth cleanings and oral cancer screenings. We also provide valuable patient education on proper hygiene, diet and healthy practices to empower you in maintaining your dental wellbeing.

Your initial checkup visit is a crucial step in establishing your oral health baseline and addressing your specific dental needs. During this visit, we begin by reviewing your medical and dental histories, taking note of any concerns or symptoms you may have. This initial conversation is followed by a detailed clinical examination, encompassing an oral cancer screening, periodontal assessment and occlusion (bite) analysis. Diagnostic films may be recommended to provide a more comprehensive view of your oral health.

At your regular six-month visits, our dentists will perform a comprehensive oral exam. This exam assesses your teeth, supporting bone and soft tissues, as well as the surrounding areas of the mouth, head and neck. We also evaluate signs of tooth decay, gum disease, teeth clenching or grinding and assess your TMJ (temporomandibular joint) function. X-rays may also be taken for a deeper understanding of your oral health.

Following your oral exam, we will discuss any necessary treatments based on our findings and outline all available care options. Our goal is to ensure that every patient enjoys the benefits of a healthy and beautiful smile through personalized, high-quality dental care.

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