While our goal is to help you protect and preserve your teeth, it may sometimes be necessary for our dentists to recommend a tooth extraction. Some of the reasons for a tooth extraction include:

  • Over-Retained Baby Teeth: Occasionally, baby teeth refuse to fall out, hindering the eruption of permanent teeth. We monitor your child’s smile and advise when extraction is necessary.
  • Severe Tooth Decay: Untreated dental decay can lead to significant damage, nerve infection and oral health issues. When restoration is no longer possible, extraction may be required.
  • Fractured or Cracked Teeth: Extensive damage or root involvement may necessitate extraction when other restoration options are no longer viable.
  • Advanced Gum Disease: Untreated gum disease can compromise tooth-supporting tissues, resulting in tooth looseness or loss, requiring extractions.
  • Wisdom Teeth: Wisdom teeth often cause problems due to improper development, decay or impaction, making their extraction necessary, especially in young adults.
  • Overcrowded Teeth: Orthodontic treatments may involve selective tooth extractions to create space for proper alignment and a functional bite.

When you receive a tooth extraction, our dentists and team will take care to ensure your comfort throughout the procedure. We will remove your tooth as gently as possible and will provide you with post-op instructions to help you heal and recover. If needed, we will also discuss your options for replacing your missing tooth or teeth so that you can regain a fully functional and beautiful smile.

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