Root canal therapy, often feared but widely misunderstood, is a highly effective dental procedure designed to save a severely damaged tooth while eliminating pain and discomfort. At Hills Park Dental, we prioritize patient care and comfort, ensuring your experience is as pleasant as possible.

Why might you need root canal therapy? Inside each tooth lies dental pulp, comprising connective tissue, nerves and blood vessels. This pulp is essential for tooth development and nourishment. However, when dental decay, trauma or infection occurs, the pulp can become irreversibly damaged or die, leading to persistent pain and discomfort.

Recognizing the signs is crucial. Unresolved pain, sensitivity to temperature, discomfort when biting or touching the tooth, tooth discoloration, chipping, swelling around the tooth and gums and tooth mobility are all indicators that a root canal may be needed. Timely intervention is essential, as delaying the procedure can lead to more severe symptoms and complications.

Root canal therapy is performed under local anesthesia and, when necessary, dental sedation options are available to ensure your comfort. During the procedure, our dentists will remove the diseased pulp and clean the tooth’s interior before filling it with a medicated material to help prevent re-infection and promote healing. The goal is to save the tooth while alleviating pain.

With advancements in dental technology and techniques, root canal procedures are now as comfortable as receiving a routine dental filling. While some cases may require multiple visits, the procedure’s success rate exceeds 90%, making it the most recommended way to preserve your natural smile and maintain overall oral health.

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